Group Dog Walking

The  dog walking service I offer is the ideal enrichment for your dog. Not only do I walk in places that will excite your dogs senses, we also walk in groups which gives your dog(s) the perfect opportunity to socialise with their own kind.

Whether you are out working all day and are looking for a great day breaker, to simply wishing for your dog to have more social engagement, or even a mixture of the two, this service really does act as a helping hand to ensuring you have a contented dog. I walk with pride in being trusted to look after your pets, and although I love to have fun and we thouroughly enjoy our walks, we take the trust you have put in us very seriously.

Reasons clients are drawn toward the dog walking service: 

  • Unable to meet their dogs exercise needs due to their own physical limits
  • To provide their dog with an enriching opportunity  to interact with their own kind
  • To help break up the day for their dog whilst they are occupied with other commitments
  • To offer their dog the opportunity to build confidence and experience variation

I offer two group walking slots a day, Monday to Friday. Weekend walking is sometimes available on request. 

Walking times: 

My morning walk is pick ups  between 9:00-10:00AM and the second walk is pick ups between 11:30-12:30. Later times available upon request. Prices can be found on here: Prices

My promises: 

  1.  My walks are all ONE HOUR minimum unless notified otherwise. 
  2. I will never walk any more than six dogs at one time (in compliance with my insurance) It is also worth noting here that most of the group sizes are currently between 3-5 dogs. When introducing dogs into the groups I would prefer this to be done on a quieter walk. 

How does it all work?

I collect your dogs from your home or workplace and then return back to agreed location after we have had our walk. I will provide an hours time slot when I will be picking up your dog. Notifications of when I am on my way/returning your dog can be arranged. I am also happy to track our walks although this would need to be requested as I quite like to just put the phone on aeroplane mode and really enjoy the time with the dogs out in nature.

Prior to any bookings I would need to arrange an appointment to meet you and your dog(s), fill out a short form for insurance purposes, then you would be able to start booking walks on an as or when or regular basis.

As safety is a huge priory, dogs must be controllable and of a non-aggressive nature for all group dog walks.

Get in touch via our contact page if you have any more questions or would like to get an appointment booked in.